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Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

Green Bay holds on to the top spot this week in the Phinsider Power Rankings.
Green Bay holds on to the top spot this week in the Phinsider Power Rankings.

It's time once again for America's favorite game show...The Power Rankings....

(or something like that)

Rank (LW) Team Record Remarks
1 (1) Green Bay Packers 1-0 Can anyone argue that the Packers don't deserve to be in the top spot?
2 (3) New England Patriots 1-0 From what I saw this week, Tom Brady seems to be pretty good.
3 (2) Philadelphia Eagles 1-0 Look good on offense - "Dream Team" defense still needs to gel.
4 (7) Baltimore Ravens 1-0 What a dismantling of the defending AFC Champions that was.


Rank (LW) Team Record Remarks
5 (4) New Orleans Saints 0-1 One spot fall after the loss, but a great performance, and a dangerous team.
6 (13) Houston Texans 1-0 Even sans Peyton Manning, beating up on Indy like that is impressive.
7 (9) San Diego Chargers 1-0 Special teams aren't special, but at least they can overcome mistakes.
8 (15) Chicago Bears 1-0 Looked really good against the Falcons
9 (5) Atlanta Falcons 0-1 Looked really bad against the Bears.
10 (6) Pittsburgh Steelers 0-1 They are still the defending AFC Champs and should bounce back.  Should.
11 (11) New York Jets 1-0 I just can't move them into the top ten after that win.  It was all luck and Romo.
12 (18) Detroit Lions 1-0 Just keep Stafford healthy.
13 (12) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-1 Lose your first game of the season, and still be in first place in your division- Tampa's doing something right
14 (17) Dallas Cowboys 0-1 I don't trust the Cowboys yet, but they looked good for three quarters this week - earning them a minor bump in the rankings.
15 (22) Jacksonville Jaguars 1-0 They dominated Tennessee last week - the only problem is, it was Tennessee.  But, they aren't missing David Garrard, yet.
16 (19) Miami Dolphins 0-1 Stood toe-to-toe with the Patriots, and the offense looked good.  The defense, however, if a different story.
17 (10) New York Giants 0-1 They should be good, but they aren't.
18 (20) Arizona Cardinals 1-0 Gave up the most passing yards in a QB's debut, ever.  And, somehow, they still won.
19 (29)            Buffalo Bills 1-0 Probably too high a jump, but after what they did in Arrowhead, it's hard to not bounce them way up on the rankings.  If they can do it two weeks in a row, watch out.
20 (14) St. Louis Rams 0-1 Injuries may have already ended their chance at a good year.  Then again, they play in the NFC West - so maybe not.
21 (31) Washington Redskins 1-0 Maybe they aren't as bad as I thought.  Or maybe they just had a good week.
22 (8) Indianapolis Colts 0-1 A 12 spot drop is usually not possible - but with the miserable performance on Sunday, it was warranted.
23 (27) San Francisco 49ers 1-0 NFC West.  Where the highest ranked team is 18.  At least this year, one of them should have a winning record - I hope.
24 (25) Oakland Raiders 1-0 Some places are putting the Raiders into the teens already.  I need to see more from them, and fewer yellow flags, before I consider having them make the jump.
25 (23) Tennessee Titans 0-1 Destroyed by Jacksonville.  Seriously.
26 (16) Kansas City Chiefs 0-1 Devastated by Buffalo.  Devastated by Eric Berry's injury.  This year will be misery in Missouri.
27 (26)             Minnesota Vikings 0-1 Maybe the Eagles and the Redskins knew what they were doing after all.  I don't know if it says more about his age, or his production, but McNabb only eclipsed his age by 5 yards.
28 (30) Carolina Panthers 0-1 It's not good when you peak in Week 1.  The next 15 games could be ugly for Cam Newtom and company.
29 (32) Cincinnati Bengals 1-0 I still think this is the worst team in the league, but, after one game at least, they get to climb out of the cellar.
30 (24) Cleveland Browns 0-1 Sub-par performance against one of the worst teams in the league.
31 (21) Seattle Seahawks 0-1 Just a miserable looking team.
32 (28) Denver Broncos 0-1 Kyle Orton gives them the best chance to win now.  Too bad they aren't winning.