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Miami Dolphins Lose 38-24 to New England - Quick Reactions

The Miami Dolphins came out on offense and immediately let everyone know this is not the same old Miami offense.  The problem is, the defense apparently didn't show up.  The defense allowed more than 600 yards of offense.  When you allow Tom Brady to pass for a career high (517 yards), you know it's been a bad game.  

The defense is a disaster.  There was nothing they could do to stop the Patriots passing game.  Tight ends ate the Dolphins alive all night - a problem that was supposed to be solved with the addition of Kevin Burnett.  Instead, Burnett, Karlos Dansby, Vonate Davis, Sean Smith, Benny Sapp, Nolan Carroll, etc., etc. allowed whomever wanted to catch a pass have at the ball. 

The Dolphins strength - their pass rush - was non existent.  Cameron Wake did tally a sack, but that was one of the extremely few times that a Dolphins player got anywhere near Brady.  When you add in the shambles that was both the starting offensive line and the injuries to that line during the game, it's even worse.

On the offensive side of the ball, Chad Henne was awesome.  He finished the game 30-for-48 (62.5%), for 416 yards and two touchdowns.  His lone interception came on the last play of the game, off a deflection as they tried to force a ball into the endzone.  He finished with a 93.6 passer rating.  He also led the team in rushing yards, going for 59 yards and 1 touchdown on 7 carries.

In fact, the passing total in this game (906 yards) reset the NFL record from the 1986 Dolphins/Jets overtime game (884 yards). 

Overall, the offense looked good (the o-line still needs work, but are we surprised by that?), but the defense was embarrassing.  

Look for a full breakdown tomorrow morning by Leftcoastfinfan.