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NFL Announces Supplemental Draft - Miami Interested in Pryor?

The NFL announced the date for the Supplemental Draft yesterday - August 17. The NFL informed all 32 teams of the scheduled draft, but then added that, as of Monday, there were no players approved for the draft.

So, what's the point of the draft?

Well, there are at least two known applicants for the draft. Former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor and Georgia running back Caleb King have both requested eligibility for the supplemental selection. Apparently, however, the NFL has either ruled them ineligible or, more likely, has not ruled yet on the two players.

The NFL's Supplemental Draft is designed to allow underclassmen who did not apply for the NFL Draft before the deadline, but who now find themselves ineligible for college football. The players then petition the NFL for a Supplemental Draft, and, after reviewing each case, the NFL rules on a player's eligibiltiy.

The Supplemental Draft is a silent auction type of draft. Each team is given a list of eligible players. If they are interested in someone, they then put in for the selection, stating what round of the draft they would take the player. Which ever team options to take the player in the earliest round is awarded the rights to him. If two teams both select a player in the same round, the team with the lowest draft pick would receive the player (essentially, the same order as the selections in the NFL Draft back in April, if no trades were made.)

However, if a team is awarded the player, they forfeit their pick from that round in the next draft. So, a team must have a draft pick in 2012 (i.e., have not traded it), to use that selection in the Supplemental Draft.

Let's see if I can make it easier. Say the Dolphins, who are rumored to have a high interest in Pryor, place a 5th round draft pick selection on him. If the Packers put in a 5th round choice as well (same round, but better record/playoff results), and the Panthers put in a 6th round selection (worse record, but higher round), Miami would be awarded Pryor, and would lose their 5th round pick next year.

Pryor threw for 6177 yards, 57 touchdowns, and 26 interceptions in his three years at Ohio State. But, he is best remembered for the scandal involving trading memorabilia for tattoos. The infraction eventually led to several members of the Buckeyes, to include Pryor, to be suspended for the first 5 games of 2011, and the resignation of head coach Jim Tressel.

Many do not see Pryor as succeeding as a quarterback in the NFL. Instead, with his 6'6", 233lbs. frame, he is forecasted to make the move to wide receiver. However, Miami is the team that brought the Wild Cat formation back to the NFL, and the team who took a chance on Pat White as a quarterback. Could the Dolphins truly have an interest in Pryor?

So, is it worth a draft choice in 2012 to take a flyer on the former Buckeye?