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Yahoo! Sports Phinsider Official Fantasy Football League Update

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The NFL season is getting closer, and so is the start of the Phinsider's Official Fantasy Football league.  There are currently 16 teams in the league, with the teams broken down into 4 divisions.

I have some big news about the league.  But, I'm going to let you all see some of the league before I tell you what it is.

The four divisions are listed below, with the teams for each division:

Joe Robbie Division
Fin Factor Neo
The Boondock Saints enhalen
Gateway Gunslingers Chupathingy
Phinsider_Mosul Mosul_DolFan
Dan Marino Division
FirstTimer dabest99
the fighting fish! dolger14
Cruces Crushers Nete88
Phungal Inphection Schwanson
Zach Thomas Division
Mr. Phintastic Mr. Phintastic
killer b Phinatic on Sullivans Island
Wade County Ballers miamimike71
IA Phan djdj113
Don Shula Division
Cleo2Camo 09cunliffe
River City Rebels Foy
Shaving Reggies Bush BSerious72
God Squad Va FinFan

The draft for the league is currently set for August 26th, but that date is fliexible, and we are still discussing when to hold it.

And, at any time you can view the league at:

And, feel free to make your own leagues on Yahoo! Sports and make Fan Posts to get some of your Phinsider family to join.  Fantasy football is the original social network, it is the way friends stayed connected over football no matter where they were; Yahoo! Sports  continues the tradition by letting fans talk smack talk, check'in, and chat on newly launched message boards.

Now, on to the news:

There are still open slots for the league! Originally, I posted that this is a 16 team league.  Well, it's really going to be a 20 team league.  I'm going to select two more people to join the league today, with the last two slots being filled in the near future.  Here's how we are going to pick today:

Trivia time!

I will select two of the people who respond with the correct answer to the following trivia question.  In order to be eligible for the league, you must tweet me your answer.  You can find me on Twitter as @thephinsider and please hasgatg the answer with #PhinsiderFFL.

You have until midnight tonight to send me your answers.

Commented answers below DON'T COUNT!

So, here's the question:

What full time Dolphins punter also led the team in receiving for a year, and what year was it?

Good luck!

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