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Possible 2011 Miami Dolphins Captains

As the Miami Dolphins close in on the end of the preseason, one of the decisions left to be made is who will serve as Captains for the 2011 season.  The Dolphins players will vote on their captains selection between the final preseason game and the start of the regular season.  So, here's a quick look at some of the candidates.

Chad Henne - Quarterback Chad Henne will probably find himself elected as one of the team captains.  After an offseason in which Henne organized team workouts, and led the team in preparation for training camp, during the middle of the NFL's lockout, Henne has become the leader the offense needs.

Jake Long - Offensive tackle Long is a guarantee to be selected as a captain, a job he held last year.  Long is a dominating left tackle, among the best in the league.  He assisted with Henne in developing the players' workouts during the lockout.

Karlos Danby - Similar to Long on the offense, linebacker Dansby should repeat as captain for the Dolphins' defense.  Dansby is a natural leader and one of the most critical parts to the defense.

Yeremiah Bell - Safety Bell served as a captain last year, and like Dansby, is critical to the defense's success.  However, I think he may lose the slot as Henne gains his.  If Bell does continue to serve as a captain, Dansby will most likely lost the "C."

Jason Taylor - Will linebacker Taylor realistically be picked as a captain of the defense?  Most likely not. But, for almost every season Taylor has been with the Dolphins, he's been a captain - including his one year return in 2009.

Dan Carpenter - The Dolphins selected running back Patrick Cobbs as their special teams captain.  However, Cobbs is now in New Orleans, so this slot is open.  If Miami plans on putting a special teams captain on the field, I think kicker "DC$" makes the most sense.

Those are my six thoughts as to who the Dolphins could elect as their captains.  Four of them will get the roles. Let me know what you think, and if there's anyone else you could see getting the role.