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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Release 2012 Swimsuit Calendar



  Last Wednesday the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders celebrated the release of their 2012 Swimsuit calendar at Club Liv on Miami Beach. Two lucky girls made the cover this year, fifth-year veteran Ariana Aubert (like a chick named Ariana isn't destined to be hot from birth), and second year cheerleader Brianne Herndon. This year the shoot was located in Puerto Plata, located in the Dominican Republic (Sounds like an expensive Red Sox player). Sadly, my personal favorite cheerleader (and former FSU classmate) Fabiola got the Boise State treatment on this one, you're still MY #1 Fabiola, we'll make it through this.

  I'll tell you one thing, if the Phins had as easy a time finding Offensive Linemen, as they do unearthing DROP DEAD HOT Cheerleaders - this team would be handing out ass whooping's on the regular. If you don't live in South Florida, and you wonder why so few people attend Marlins games, this would fall under the "numerous entertainment alternatives" category. Between the Miami Heat Dancers (Odaymis FTW), the Florida Panthers caged dancers surrounded by flame throwers and little people (made up the last part, but you've never been to a Panthers game so shut up) , the very underrated Marlins Mermaids (because those chicks look like your DTF hot ex-girlfriend that got away), and the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders - South Florida HAS TO have the best ladies of the cheer. 

(Full Video of the Fashion Show after the jump via Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Facebook Page that i may or may not frequent an unhealthy amount of times a day but dont judge me the restraining order was up long ago and that was a misunderstanding)



  The video below is not only easy on the eyes, but it's informative. For instance, I had no idea the song "Let me see your Peacock" existed , or what a girl in a bathing suit would look like in full pads (confusing, yet intriguing). 

To buy this calendar visit ($15.99)




We kick no field goals in the Cheerleading department.