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Miami Dolphins News You May Have Missed - 8/30/11

Here are the Miami Dolphins news stories you may have missed over the last 24 hours:

Dolphins 2011 Season Previews:

Sun Sentinel's Miami Dolphins Playbook for 2011 - South Florida
Dolphins Season Outlook, according to Staff Writer Omar Kelly

Miami Dolphins new offense - South Florida
Brian Daboll's new offense promises to move the ball downfield and provide excitement. Does he have the players to do that? 

Dolphins Offense:

A breakdown of the Miami Dolphins' offensive starters - South Florida
The Miami Dolphins' 2011 offense features four new starters, and two are rookies

Dolphins Running Backs:

Commentary: Miami Dolphins' retooled running attack has mostly limped in pre-season
It's early. Daniel Thomas is a rookie. Reggie Bush, acquired via trade, is a Dolphins newcomer. They're still learning the system.

Dolphins Defense:

Miami Dolphins add some missing pieces - South Florida
Miami Dolphins add speed shore up defense

Miami Dolphins' 2011 projected starters on defense - South Florida
The Miami Dolphins' 2011 offense features four new starters, and two are rookies

Dolphins Defensive Line:

Miami Dolphins: Dolphins Phillip Merling hopes to resurrect his career, with Dolphins or elsewhere - South Florida
Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland has annually made trades before the 53-man roster gets set. Is Phillip Merling the team's biggest chip?

Dolphins Coaches:

Dave Hyde | Sun Sentinel blogs | Hyde5: Here's why Sparano says offenses are changing
Sun Sentinel Blogs

Miami Dolphins: Dolphins coach Tony Sparano saw need to change - South Florida
When Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano looked at what ailed the Dolphins offense, he saw it was something more fundamental than the coaches or players. It was the offense itself.

Florida Football:

All three Florida teams facing blackouts | ProFootballTalk
It's a given that some, most, or all of the Buccaneers' 2011 home games won't be televised locally.  The Jaguars once again are in jeopardy of having their games blacked out in their home market, too.