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The Continuing Saga of the Dolphins' Vernon Carey

Yesterday, I wrote this atircle about the future of Vernon Carey on the Miami Dolphins roster.  Well, today, we got a little more clarification on Carey's status.

Last year's starting right tackle now appears to be the Dolphins' right guard.

That's right.  Carey apparently aggreed to the pay cut, and came back to practie on Wednesday.  The former first round pick, a Miami native, and a former Hurricane, will continue to play for the only team he has known in his NFL career.

It will just be at a new position.


Back with the Hurricanes, Carey played guard during his senior year, after playing, and starting, at both tackle positions in the three previous years.  With the Dolphins, Carey has been tried at both tackle positions, settling in at the right tackle position after the Dolphins selected Jake Long with the first overall draft pick in 2008.  Carey seemed to flourish at the right tackle position - never being great, but a highly effective, solid player.

However, the signing of former Dallas Cowboys right tackle Marc Colombo has made Carey's position on the team in limbo.  Now, with the agreement of the new contract terms, it looks like Miami may try to put Carey in as the team's right guard - a position change they tried once before, in 2006.

While this is one practice, and could very easily be switched right back, look for the Dolphins to continue to find ways to get both Colombo and Carey onto the field.  With the work at guard, Carey suddenly becomes an even bigger asset for the franchise, providing depth across the offensive line - much needed for this Dolphins team going into 2011.