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The Phinsider Rules and Guidelines

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Here at the Phinsider, we have had several new members a day joining the site, while at the same time, many members of the site who have taken the offseason "off" from the site are starting to return.  As such, I figured this was a good time to remind everyone of the Phinsider's rules and guidelines.

What better way to do that than to utilize the exceptional "Rookie Primer" cbdolphin wrote for the site about 2-1/2 years ago.

I'll add some of my own comments in italics. I ask everyone to please take a moment to review these guidelines, so we can all continue to enjoy the site.

This is the perfect guide for anyone who is new to the site or just needs to brush up on the current rules of The Phinsider. We are a very close knit group here and we would all like to keep it that way. These rules are going to be in place for one reason, to keep The Phinsider running smoothly.

Now on with the list.

1) Please treat everyone with respect. There are going to be different viewpoints, but everybody's input is equally important to this website. - This includes visits to other sites.  I get a report on every member of this site, and every warning and banning we pick up.  Now I know some of those members are simply people who signed up to make one comment, or joined all of the blogs, but it is embarrassing to see some people with Dolphins names or icons getting banned from other SB Nation sites.  Please be respectful everywhere within the SB Nation.

2) If you choose to disagree with a viewpoint, please attack the post and not the poster. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

3) Please keep the threads on topic with the original post. Excluding the CKC (Cool Kids Club, look below for an explanation).

4) Please keep the swearing to a minimum.

5) Please do not post picture after picture. Keep the picture posting to a minimum. With how large the community is at The Phinsider, if this rule wasn't in place, it makes it hard to have any conversation because you are constantly trying to dodge pictures.

6) If you do choose to post a picture, no nudity, no body paint, no see through clothing. Racist/Sexist or any other "ists" will also not be tolerated. We have a very diverse population and all are welcome. - Use some common sense on this one, please.  I don't mind if you all use pictures to make a point, but just posting a picture to post a picture is getting out of hand.  And, make sure the picture is in good taste.  I try to not remove too many things around the site, but when I get multiple flags for pictures being inappropriate, I have to look into it.  And realize, just because you find something funny, doesn't mean others will.

7) ABSOLUTELY NO discussions or debates about religion or politics. These conversations usually do more harm than they do good.

8) Make all members welcome. No matter if you have been here for 2 years or if you are just joining today, you are as welcome as anyone else.  No one member's opinion is more valid or important than somebody else's opinion.

9) We joke a lot here at The Phinsider. If you feel like you are being hassled too much, just let people know. If someone tells you to get off their back, please give them that respect.

If a joke, nickname, etc is given to you and it offends you in anyway, just let us know. It will stop.

10) No posting of any links to illegal ways of watching NFL games! Also, no requesting of any links. Automatic 2 week ban for those who don't follow this policy.  The NFL is very strict on this stuff and I don't feel like having the blog shut down because others are posting illegal info.  The NFL's legal department is very tough - trust me. - This is a Zero tolerance law.  If you break this, you are done.  It will happen at some point this season.  Don't let it be you.

11) Cheer on the Dolphins. We are all here because we love our team!! - I personally am someone who gets tired of hearing how bad the team is.  How we are all doomed because of something the coaches have done, or how a player is playing, or how worthless our front office is.  But, I realize some people need to vent, and state their displeasure with things the Dolphins do.  Please realize that people are fans, even if they express it in different ways.  However, if someone tells you to knock off the negativity, don't get all defensive.  Just understand that you are bothering the way they celebrate their fandom too...

"CKC"- The "Cool Kid's Club" was founded by some of the regulars of The Phinsider. Everyone is welcome, because all Dolphin fans are cool. There is usually one up every night and they usually garner quite a bit of attention. This is the place to talk about whatever you want from Dolphins football, cooking, beer, basketball, or your stamp collection if you really feel like it. This is The Phinsider's "Off Topic" thread.


If you have any suggestions to make for this page, just let me know. I will gladly edit the post to the community's liking.

A few other items that this didn't cover:

  • The "Nicky Law" - We have a 75 word minimum requirement on Fan Posts for a reason.  The site is very busy.  If every post that says "I hate what we are doing!" or "Great pickup!" was made into a Fan Post, the site would be over run and no one would be able to see/find/read anything.  So, we have a 75 word limit.  75 words is nothing.  In fact, this sentence surpasses 75 words just in this paragraph.  If you can't make your post 75 words, it probably doesn't need to be a post - it should be a Fan Shot.  Use Fan Shots for short statements.  Use Fan Posts for in depth analysis, stories, or anything else. It keeps the site organized and makes sure people read the right things.Don't just repeat words or write non-sense to make it to 75 words.
  • From the Rookie Primer: A Quick Guide For New Members written by Little Nicky 21:

    Press C to tab through new comments, Shift-C to tab backwards, X to mark a comment as read, and Shift-A to mark all read.
    Z will simultaneously mark and tab forward, and R will reply to the comment that has focus.

    Also, if you want to reply to a specific comment without using the shortcut, you can just click "reply" in that specific comment window.  It's the best way to keep the conversation organized and make sure people know who and to what you're responding to.

  • If you take the time to format, spell check, and think through your posting, more people will read it, comment about it, and possible "Rec" it.  I may even pull it to the Front Page, bringing more people to your article, and exposing it for Yahoo!, Google, and other sources to see.  So, please take a second to utilize the best English grammar and formatting you can.  It really does make a difference. 
  • The final thing I ask is, please look around to see if anyone else has posted your topic before you make your post.  6 Fan Shots and 2 Fan Posts all saying the same thing is a little excessive.  Take a second to see if it's there, then feel free to join the conversation.  If you don't see it, make your post and start the conversation.

Well, I hope that is helpful.  As rule #1 says, please stay respectful and everything else will be easy.  Thanks and let's get back to talking about football!