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2011 Miami Dolphins Season Preview on SB Nation

Recently, Joel Thorman, SB Nation's NFL Editor, contacted me about doing a 2011 Miami Dolphins season preview.  I immediately agreed, and he forwarded me a series of topics he would like me to discuss.  

We hit on many things during the article, including who I thought would break out this year for the Dolphins, where I see the Dolphins finish record wise, and who on the Dolphins could have a fantasy impact. (And, having written this before Saturday's game, you'll have to excuse the references to an "improved" offensive line.)

It was perfect time for Joel to contact me, because it was just before I had planned to sit down and work out what I think of the 2011 Dolphins.  I just had to write what came to me as the questions were asked.  And, I think it's probably more accurate than if I had planned it out, keeping the homer in me from raising my Miami bias.

Below is just a small excerpt from the article.

"The Dolphins Are Overrated At...

This one was easy for me.  The Wildcat.  The Dolphins took the league, and especially the Patriots, by surprise when they unveiled the Wildcat formation in 2008.  Since the, the formation has been adopted by nearly every team, and is not the huge gains offense it was when the Dolphins first started using it.  But, realistically, that's not what it was ever made to be.  The Wildcat offense is another form of the power running game the Dolphins utilize.  Now, you have to worry about two play-making running backs on the field.  The downside is, although Ronnie Brown did throw the ball a few tims, there was never a passing threat when the Dolphins line up in the formation.  The media took off with the Wildcat love, and they made it sound like Miami's entire offense was the Wildcat.  The Dolphins made it popular, but never used it as their base offense.  It was always a portion of the running game.

"I would expect the Dolphins to utilize the Wildcat even less this year, but new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll did run it, and run it well, in Cleveland, so it may not be completely dead in Miami, yet."

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