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Miami Dolphins Week 3 Prediction - Phinsider Community

On Friday, we took a look at the Miami Dolphins' Week 2 match-up with the Houston Texans - using a poll to determine who we as a community felt would win.

Unsurprisingly, the Dolphins came out on top, beating the Texans for the first time in franchise history, with 80% of the 878 voites going toward the Dolphins.

The Phinsider feels that Miami will start 2-0 on the 2011 season.

Week 3 starts the Dolphins on a streak of consecutive weeks without a home game, stretching for a month. The Dolphins travel north to Ohio to face the Cleveland Browns in Week 3. Brian Daboll, the Dolphins' offensive coordinator, will be back facing the team that employed him last year.

The Browns are a developing team, looking to continue that growth this year. Their star running back, Peyton Hillis, looks to continue to bowl people over as he carries the ball, while quarterback Colt McCoy continues to develop at the helm of the Cleveland offense.

The last time the two teams met, the Browns defeated the Dolphins near the end of the 2010 season. Jake Delhomme served as the Browns starting QB, throwing for 217 yards, with 1 touchdown. Hillis was held to just 57 yards on 18 carries.

The Dolphins saw running backs Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown combine for 98 yards rushing, while quarterback Chad Henne threw for 174 yards, and 1 touchdown. He also had three interceptions.

But, both teams look to be better this year. Miami comes in to this game, according to all of us here at The Phinsider, with a perfect 2-0 record. Will they keep that up?

Will the Dolphins get their revenge after losing to the Browns in December of last year?