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Miami Dolphins 2011 Season Predictions - Phinsider Community Style

The 2011 NFL Season is bearing down on us, so it's time to predict the season for the Miami Dolphins. Over the next 18 days (in time for opening night, but dodging preseason games), we will be conducting a series of polls here on the Phinsider. By the end of this, we will have a Phinsider Community prediction for the Dolphins season.

All I ask is that you be as objective as you can when voting on these. I don't really expect that the Dolphins will go 16&0 this year, and I hope this doesn't reflect that as well.

So, on to Week 1:

The Dolphins open up the season September 12 against the New England Patriots Week 1 on Monday Night Football. The Dolphins were swept, and swept badly, last year in their two meetings with the Patriots - losing 41-14 in Week 4 and again 38-7 in the season's final game.

The game is in Miami, with the Dolphins looking to improve upon their 2010 record of 1-7 at home. The Dolphins were also 0-1 on Mondays last year. New England was 5-2 on the road last year, and 2-0 on Monday Night Football, including the Week 4 matchup with the Dolphins.

The Patriots are expected to, once again, be the class of the AFC East, if not the AFC as a whole. As long as Tom Brady remains at the helm of their offense, the team will continue to succeed.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins are an enigma, with expectations ranging from the worst record in the NFL to a double digit win total. Chad Henne's performance will be the key to the Dolphins success, both in Week 1 and throughout the 2011 season.

Vote below and let us know, who do you think wins this Week 1 match-up?