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ESPN's Mike and Mike Anticipate Ugly 2011 for Miami

Two days ago, we looked at Chris Mortensen's interview on ESPN's Dari and Mel show, where he stated, "Miami jumped out at me last night.  I think that they are underrated and a team that may not be fun to play.  A team that's been bashed probably more than, you know, they deserve."

Well, apparently ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic did not get the company memo.

On the Mike and Mike in the Morning show today, the two Mikes continued their "Two a Days," a look at two NFL teams and the questions surrounding the team, leading up to their predictions of the teams' 2011 seasons.  Today happened to be the Miami Dolphins' turn.

And it was ugly.

Greenberg, a die-hard New York Jets fan, stated that his allegiances had nothing to do with him picking Miami to finish 3-13 next year.  

His partner, Golic, who is a former Dolphins defensive tackle, saw things in much the same light, expecting the Dolphins to finish at 4-12.

Golic feels that the Dolphins just did not do enough to improve the quarterback situation, in a league dominated by passing. Even more, though, he says that the Dolphins downfall will be the pressure on Head Coach Tony Sparano and quarterback Chad Henne.

"It's going to be a look over your shoulder situation," he states. "I may be short changing them, but either way, I think they are going to take a step back from last year."

Greenberg, meanwhile explained his rationale:

 "I look at the Dolphins - their defense is good.  I don't think it's great.  I think they will miss Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams more than you think.  Reggie Bush, to me, is not a guy you hand the ball to and figure 'Okay, we're taken care of back there.'  There are major questions at quarterback... and Brandon Marshall, maybe he's gotten to a better place emotionally, but he's a togh guy to look at and say I have confidence that things are going to work out there.  I don't know.  I don't see good things for Miami."

Even among personalities at ESPN, the Dolphins remain a debate.  Will they be good?  Will they be horrible? I don't see the Dolphins ending up a 3-13 or a 4-12 team.  Not with the weapons they have added.  I don't see them as being great, but if they are this bad, something had to have gone horribly wrong.

You can head here to listen to the entire Miami Dolphins Two-a Day.