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Are the Miami Dolphins - and Chad Henne - Starting to Turn Media Heads?

I had to head in to work today.  I know, it's Saturday, but some things needed to get done here.  But, that was good for The Phinsider.  Why?  Because whenever I drive in to work, I listen to ESPN Radio.  My timing was perfect.

Chris Mortensen joined the Dari and Mel Show this morning, where he was asked by Mel Kiper, Jr., "What has gotten your attention from a positive stand point, whether its a player or a team, Mort?"

Mortensen's response was:

"Last night I really watched the Dolphins pretty closely, with Chad Henne finally having Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall together.  That was really vital for me at this point.  I heard that there's been a really good week of practice, because, you know, the first week against Atlanta, Marshall and Bush did not dress up and play. I thought Chad Henne looked like a different quarterback. And that's what can happen.

"And I think when you add a Reggie Bush, as the people who have played the Saints have told me, and a lot of people, over the years, when you played the Saints and Reggie Bush was in the lineup, it made the Saints a better team.  You know, you still had to account for Reggie Bush, no matter what you think of him.

"And Brandon Marshall, although he wasn't perfect last night, I know that he and Henne are getting closer to being on the same page. So, Miami jumped out at me last night.  I think that they are underrated and a team that may not be fun to play. A team that's been bashed probably more than, you know, they deserve."

It may not be a lot of love from the media, but it's a start.  Someone has noticed that the Dolphins are putting some things together in Miami.  Maybe, just maybe, the media hate-fest against the Dolphins could be ending.

We can only hope.