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The Future of Miami Dolphins' Tackle Vernon Carey

Last night during the Miami Dolphins "Monday Night Back to Football" even at Sun Life Stadium, it quickly became obvious someone was missing.  Dolphins' starting right tackle Vernon Carey was not on the field.  Rumors and question flew across Twitter and the media outlets as Carey's absence was investigated. 

Turns out, Head Coach Tony Sparano gave Carey a night off for "personal reasons."  But what were the "personal reasons?"

With the addition of former Dallas tackle Marc Colombo earlier in the day, Carey not being at practice fueled many guesses as to what was happening in Miami. Speculation ranged from Carey being asked to restructure his contract to him actually being told he was going to be cut.  But, the Dolphins front office remained tight lipped as to what the situation really was.

And the speculation continued this morning, as Sparano made his rounds on the local Miami radio shows.  While on the Armando and the Amigo show, Armando Salguero asked Sparano whether or not Carrey would be on the team this year.  "You know better than to ask me that question," the coach replied. "At the end of the day, anything I talk about with my players I'm going to keep in house here. But I gave Vernon a personal day last night. That's all I'll say about it. He and I are going to visit again today at some point."

Not a lot of substance, but an interesting note.  On the Dolphins' first off day of training camp, Carey was expected to meet with Sparano.

Suddenly, the restructured contract became a very big possibility.  Could Carey have been told he needs to take a pay cut or else he will simply be cut?

Salguero later tweeted Carey's situation was exactly that.  The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson, according to Salguero, had been told that Carey was asked to either take a pay cut, or else the Dolphins would have to release the seven year vet.  Carey was further told, the reason for the request is for Miami to free up some cap space to make another move, either a free agent signing or a trade. 

Whatever the outcome of this situation, we should have an answer on Wednesday.  If Carey is out on the practice field, he agreed to the Dolphins new terms.  If he's not, he didn't.  The Dolphins won't put Carey on the field with the matter still in the air, not wanting to risk an injury to Carey, leaving them on the hook for his full $7 million salary.

And, if he doesn't agree, expect Miami to move on with Colombo as their starting right tackle.