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Dolphins Salary Cap Status's Jason La Canfora posted a breakdown of the salary cap status for all 32 NFL teams today. In his intro, La Canfora states that every team, other than the St. Louis Rams, have plenty of cap space to make the last minute roster moves that are sure to start soon.

The Kansas City Chiefs currently have the most cap room, with $32,984,542.00 remaining for this year. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($29,955,557.00), Jacksonville Jaguars ($28,113,480.00), Cincinnati Bengals ($27,766,680.00), Buffalo Bills ($26,260,476.00), Denver Broncos ($24,302,469.00), and Cleveland Browns ($23,951,161.00) are all above the $20 million mark.

Outside of the Rams (who are actually $822,036.00 over the cap right now), the Detroit Lions ($995,047.34), Houston Texans ($866,564.00), and the Minnesota Vikings ($376,354.00) are all below the $1 million remaining.

The Dolphins have currently spent $118,447,435.00 for the 2011 season, meaning they have $4,927, 565.00 in space still.

Just for the record, the free agent spending spree Philadelphia Eagles are still $2,188,270.00 under the cap.

The NFL is currently averaging $11,053,871.70 in salary cap space remaining - or an average spending of $111,292,302.05.

A reminder that in 2011 and 2012, under the new collective bargaining agreement, the teams are not required to meet a minimum salary spending. However, the NFL is. The league is required to spend 99% of the salary cap, or about an average of $119.1 million per team. If the league fails to reach the 99% threshold, they will have to pay the NFLPA the difference.