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Completely Unfounded Speculation - Could Miami Use Terrell Owens?

If Terrell Owens' ACL recovery is complete, would you want the Dolphins to consider him?
If Terrell Owens' ACL recovery is complete, would you want the Dolphins to consider him?

As the title suggests, this is completely unfounded speculation.

Over the weekend, free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens tweeted some videos of his recent workouts as he recovers from ACL surgery in the offseason (I posted one of the videos below. Just make the jump). The 37-year old was expected to be ready to contribute to a team sometime late in the season. With the understanding that Owens has always been a self-promoter, he is saying that he could be just weeks away from being ready to rejoin the NFL. Owens, who has always kept himself in exceptional shape, could be a productive addition to just about any team's receiver corps.

Which brings me to my speculation. Could the Dolphins be interested in Owens? I mean, this is the team that kicked the tires on Tiki Barber. This is the team that was, briefly, linked to Brett Favre (yes, I know it was a lot of speculation and nothing more, but still, the Dolphins and older players keep being linked...).

Could Miami take a flyer on Owens, the NFL's second highest career receiving yardage player?

Would you want the Dolphins to take that flyer?

Owens finished last year with 983 yards on 72 receptions, 9 for touchdowns. Also, take in to account, he did this for the 4-12 Cincinnati Bengals. Obviously, if his knee is fully healed, he still has something to contribute to a team.

However, I'm not sure how I feel about him. Part of me says absolutely not. Part of me realizes that, the addition of another weapon to the offense can only help.

So, I wanted to see what you thought. Vote in the poll and post your thoughts below.

via Terrell Owens' Twitter and Viddy accounts.