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Miami Dolphins Quarterback Position - An Irrational Need For Change?

ATLANTA - AUGUST 12: Chad Henne #7 of the Miami Dolphins passes against the Atlanta Falcons during a preseason game at the Georgia Dome on August 12, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
ATLANTA - AUGUST 12: Chad Henne #7 of the Miami Dolphins passes against the Atlanta Falcons during a preseason game at the Georgia Dome on August 12, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
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"The drama is over. You wanted a quarterback battle? No. [Chad Henne] is the starting quarterback and will be unless his health gives or his regular season performance costs the [Dolphins] victories. "

"It won't be long before [Chad Henne] throws twice as many picks as he does TD's just as he's done in his pathetic limited playing time during the past 2 seasons. For some reason he is out starter, and clearly unqualified to be so. Yes [Matt Moore] is [a great] backup QB in the NFL, but don't worry he'll get plenty of playing time.  I give [Chad Henne] 2 weeks regular season before he either gets injure or pulled out of the game due to an embarrassing performance."

This conversation came from another blog, with the first quote being the first part of Jeff, the blog's author's, posting, and the second quote being the first comment in response.

The problem with it?  It's actually a 2006 posting about the Bears.  That's right.  The starting quarterback actually talked about was Rex Grossman and the backup was Brian Griese, three years after he left Miami.  Just to be accurate, the comment about Griese being a "great" backup actually reads "the best" backup in the NFL.

Ken LaVicka of ESPN 760 made me think about this when he tweeted, "The vitriol at Henne reminds me of being in Chicago when Grossman fell apart. Fans went crazy. That wasn't fun. This feels like that."

With that in mind, I started searching for blogs from back in the Rex Grossman, Chicago Bears time frame. The first one I found was "Da Bears Blog," where I pulled the above quotes.

And LaVicka is dead on right.  

Some Dolphins' fans' - and beat reporters' -  hatred for Henne has moved into an irrational desire to see a change at the helm.  Not that Henne does or does not deserve the starting position, but a need to see a change at the position.

These are the fans that, as long as the Dolphins quarterback isn't Dan Marino, will never be happy with the quarterback. 

No quarterback can develop anymore.  If the Dolphins select him or sign him, these are the fans that expect that quarterback to show they are Hall of Fame worthy the second the step on the field.

Aaron Rodgers would fail on this team.  Taking three years to allow a quarterback to develop?  Unthinkable.

So, now we are in the midst of more and more fans moving to the Henne hating side of the ball.  Is it fair to him to have expectations as high as we all do?  I don't know.

But now, Henne is looking over his shoulder at Matt Moore, a n undrafted free agent quarterback in 2007.  A player who has a 57.6 career completion percentage, compared to Henne's 61.1%.  A player with only 349 career passing attempts, compared to Henne's 953.  

People point to Moore's touchdown to tinerception ratio (15:14) as why he should start over Henne (27:33).

So, do we have a quarterback controversy in Miami?

Should Matt Moore be behind rookie center Mike Pouncey opening night, rather than Chad Henne?

Or should we all realize that Henne is still a developing passer, who shows flashes of greatness?  Shoudl we all realize that of the two interceptions he threw last night may , only one may have been his fault, and that's not even 100%?

Do the Dolphins need better performance out of the quarterback position than what they had from Henne last year?  Sure.  No one would argue that.

But, perhaps it's time to relax about Chad Henne and let the 26-year old kid play some football.  As of now, Chad Henne is the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback.  We are Dolphins fans.  While we can all hope for more from the quarterback spot, it's time to rally around Chad Henne, because I don't think there's anything on this roster that will be better than what Henne can give us.  Let the Dolphins add Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall to the offense, and let that offense actually game plan for an opponent, before we fry Henne for a preseason performance.

And maybe, just maybe, we will all find out that we have the quarterback we all want.