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Details Released on Dolphins' Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall Stabbing

Last April, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall was rushed into emergency surgery when he was found in his home with a stab would to the abdomen.  His wife was arrested at the time and charged with felony battery.

Two weeks ago, all charges in the case were dropped due to lack of evidence.  Marshall refused to testify against his wife, stating that she never stabbed him.

Well, today, Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post wrote a piece outlining the recently released police reports from the day of the incident.

In his article, Volin reports that, "A total of nine officers, including a K-9 unit and a Special Victims Unit, came to the scene at Marshall's house in Southwest Ranches.  They observed a large pool of blood in the front foyer, and trails of blood leading to the bedroom and kitchen.  They observed several cuts on each of Marshall's wrists, in addition to a wound on his abdomen.  They noticed his wife, Michi-Nogami Marshall, had a bruise on her left cheek as well as small cuts on her fingers and the bottom of her foot." 

Volin's article continues to explain, "And they also found a 13-inch kitchen knife laying next to a magazine clip from a firearm on a table outside of Marshall's office.  Both were covered in blood." 

In his report, Sgt. Craig McCormick wrote, "Marshall had 'several straight clean cuts across both wrists' - approximately three to four cuts on each wrist."

Sgt. Kevin Swanson reported that he, "noticed a pair of Marshall's shoes with what appeared to be blood on them inside Nogami-Marshall's closet, surrounded by white broken glass.  In Marshall's closet, a pair of his cargo shorts and blue-grey underwear with blood on them."

Marshall has consistently maintained that he was injured by falling on a glass vase.

Following the release of his article, Volin was asked via Twitter if the cuts on Marshall's wrists indicated a suicide attempt.  Volin responded, "Don't know.  Wasn't in police reports, and I won't begin to guess." 

He also commented, "Folks, I did not wake up today thinking, 'How can I sir up some controversy???' Documents were released this week. They are newsworthy."

The story became such big news that it actually crashed Volin's blog on the Palm Beach Post's website.

Meanwhile, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly was asked his view of Volin's report.  His response, via Twitter, was "Not telling the whole story, but I'm not going to comment on other people's work."

Kelly was then asked if Marshall, who recently used Kelly to break the news of his diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, had shared the details with him of the incident.  Kelly replied, "[E]very detail. Saw scene 4 myself."

Our own Matty I then asked Kelly, "So knowing what you know, think there's any chance at all Commish suspends Marshall for anything related to incident?"

Kelly simply answered, "NOPE."

While apparently some Dolphins fans have been getting angry over his article (Volin tweeted "Been a long time since I've received this much hate mail"), Volin's article adds to the story of what happened on April 22 between Marshall and his wife.  With the likeliness of a suspension being low, it is interesting to see where this story goes.