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ESPN Releases First Power Rankings - Miami Dolphins Rank 24

ESPN has released their first power rankings of the 2011 season.  In it, the Miami Dolphins are ranked as the 24th best team, meaning only 8 teams are ranked lower.

ESPN's John Clayton writes, "If the Dolphins can't get Brett Favre to challenge Chad Henne, maybe they can ask Dan Marino." 

My favorite part of the ESPN Power Rankings, though, has to be this chart that they have built, showing each team's weekly Power Rankings from as far back as 2002. It's interesting to see where the Dolphins ranked, looking back on the seasons past (ignoring that line at the bottom for 2007)

I can't really argue against the Dolphins being that low.  I would imagine them closer to the middle of the pack, but they haven't proven anything...yet.

I am excited about the potential this team has, and would not be surprised to see them climb up the chart during the season.

Around the rest of the AFC East, Clayton writes, "To bad 'Hard Knocks' couldn't film the daily Alber Haynesworth-Chad Ochocinco show," about the New England Patriots, who trail only the top ranked Green Bay Packers.  The New York Jets are in the 7th position, with Clayton reporting, "So far, they have replaced Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, and Brad Smith with only Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason."

And, the Buffalo Bills round out the AFC East in the 31st position, only ahead of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Writes Clayton, "The Bills' offensive line can't afford an injury, but it would look better had it added Tyson Clabo."

I will say, I was upset when I saw this get published.  I had planned on writing the first Power Rankings for the Phinsider later this week.  But, now I'll put it off so it doesn't appear that I am copying what ESPN just put out.  So, be looking for that, and let's hear below what you think of ESPN's rankings.