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Randoms with Rizz

   Long time no post, what's good Phinsider? I would say I'm happy to be back, but I never went anywhere. The Phinsider will always be a site I check on a daily basis, because it's "for us, by us". No hidden agendas here, no editor asking you to tone down your opinions, just good old fashioned candid discussion about our favorite team - the Miami Dolphins. Matty did an amazing job building this site, I purpose a portrait of him somewhere on the front page. When the news came down, I was asked to become a bigger contributor here - and I was happy to help out.  If you remember my "ITM" posts from a few years ago, or have checked out, you know what to expect - not much. I just hope to provide this place with some topics to discuss, and when we eventually suck, some laughs to numb the pain. So here's to another fun season of Miami Dolphins football, FINALLY! It feels like this off season has been three times longer than usual.

  So the other day I was at Target, and the power went out. I found myself alone, right in front of those "mix and match" candy bins. I realized "Hey the power is out, that must mean the cameras are out too!", and I proceeded to stuff my face full of different delicious treats. Sometimes you have to take advantage of a situation, and turn a negative into a positive. I'm hoping this season the Phins let it all loose, because let's be honest, what do they have to lose? Playing it close to the vest has got them nothing, why not go for it this season? Sparano and Ireland have to know their futures ride on what happens this season, a 6-10 year likely means they are toast. As much as I feel the Wildcat was overrated, it was bold, and it was different. The play itself was a result of desperation, and it worked out pretty good for awhile. If I'm Mike Nolan, I'm blitzing. If I'm Tony Sparano, I'm going for that fourth down. If I'm Jeff Ireland, I'm checking in on how Terrell Owens health is - WHY NOT?! The power is out, stuff your face with treats.

  New season, new rules, NO MORE PHINS UP DANCE! Have some damn pride Phins fans, do not put your hands on your heads this season, and go left to right - you look RIDICULOUS! We are better than this, this is a proud franchise damnit! You can't possibly make fun of Fireman Ed's J-E-T-S chant, then prance around like that - you can't have it both ways. Stephen Ross changed the song, but he didn't change your DNA -fight the douchey jumbotron. If Serena Williams asks you to rub your nipples after every TD, would you do it? Have some standards, it's a football game, not an episodes of the Wiggles.

  I'm willing to give this Daboll guy a chance, I like his energy. Blaming him for having a bad offense in Cleveland doesn't make much sense to me, I mean look at what he had to work with. It would be like blaming your wife for being a bad cook, when you only let her buy groceries at the dollar store. Henning was slowly poisoning this team with his terrible play calls, it's possible some of these guys are better than we think. I can remember Daboll using his athletes pretty well in Cleveland at times, from what I recall. His Wildcat last year with the Browns, was actually more successful than the Dolphins - so that won't be a problem. I look forward to rejoicing and screaming at the top of my lungs "DA BALLS!", after a successful scoring play call - give the dude a chance. 

  Overall I would say I am cautiously excited about this season. I like how the Phins have built this defense, but I'm worried the defensive backfield is far from as good as some seem to give it credit. The Offense should be more exciting, at the very least this season. With the addition of Gates and Bush, I can see a lot of "
something out of nothings" this year, which has not been the case in the past. If the Phins are going to be their annual average, at least be an exciting average - you know what I mean? This should be a fun season, full of more emotion that we have seen in years, because people's jobs are on the line - lets hope that translates into wins.