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Dolphins Training Camp Day 2 Recap

Day two of the Miami Dolphins 2011 Training Camp was exactly that, day two.  Once again, nothing to get overly excited about, but at the same time, it's only day two, so you can't worry about much yet either.

Yet, from the media reports about the day, you would have thought quarterback Chad Henne was the worst quarterback to ever field a snap.  Every report seemed to talk about the passes he missed, and the over-throws he had.  But, in all fairness, as Andrew Carter and Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported, "Saturday wasn't a particularly good day for any of the quarterbacks. Outside of that long pass from Devlin, the highlights were few and far between for Henne, [rookie Pat ] Devlin and Tom Brandstater. It didn't help matters that the receivers had their share of drops and that the offensive line had its issues snapping the ball."

So, all the quarterbacks had troubles.  But, only Henne seemed to get singled out.  Now, a large portion of that is criticism of a number one quarterback in the NFL.  But, if Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Kyle Orton, or any other quarterback struggles in the first two days of training camp, it's "rust" and "early." But for Henne, it's proof that the Dolphins need a new quarterback. 

It almost appears that everyone watching the practice looks for the missed plays from Henne, rather than trying to find the positives.


In contrast to what seemed like the common theme from Saturday, Andy Kent of, discusses the development of Henne throughout the offseason. In his report, Kent relates what wide receiver Davone Bess said about Henne.

"I think Chad is focused. I think Chad is very poised and he’s ready to take on this challenge," Bess said. "He did a great job this offseason in leading the guys and calling all the meetings and the workouts, so he got a jumpstart on a couple of the guys. But for the most part he’s very hands on. We had a meeting with him (Thursday night) at the hotel room and that’s the main thing, all of us being on the same page and being in sync and learning it day by day."

But, the day wasn't just about Chad Henne.  The day also belonged to the rookies, hitting the practice field for the first time.  Second round pick Daniel Thomas and fourth round selection Edmond Gates (who, by the way, goes by Clyde) both made their Dolphins debut.  From the Carter and Kelly article, Thomas' performance looked good, as he hit the holes and ran through "tackles," even if it was a non-hitting practice.

After the workout, Thomas stated, "I can tell right now, the holes are closing up faster.  But you're going to get better through time."

Meanwhile, the Dolphins' two top offseason acquisitions, running back Reggie Bush and quarterback Matt Moore, along with left tackle Jake Long (sore knee), rookie guard Garrett Chisolm (ACL injury), and defensive tackle Chris Baker (undisclosed), all watched the practices, learning as much as they can of the new systems being put in place.  

Following practice, Coach Sparano admitted that the entire offense would not be able to be installed by Week 1 of the season.  Instead, he stated that the team will focus on Patriots preparation, and get the plays installed that they will need for the season opening Monday night game.

Tomorrow's practice is again at 11am at the Dolphins training facility at Nova Southeastern University, and is free to the public.  This will be the Dolphins first "padded" practice of the season, as well as mark the debut of first round draft choice Mike Pouncey, who signed his contract last night.  If you are going, please feel free to post your own recap in the FanPost section.