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Dolphins Trade for Orton is Dead - Or Is It?

No one seems to know for sure what is the status of the Miami Dolphins proposed trade for Denver quarterback Kyle Orton. The signing of former Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Moore seemed to signal the end of any real chance the Dolphins would land the quarterback many feel give the Dolphins their only chance to win this year.

Mike Kils of the Denver Post goes so far as to say ,"There is no chance he will be traded to the Miami Dolphins."

He goes on to talk about the breakdown in the trade talks being Orton's contract negotiations.  Orton is thought to be looking for a deal similar to the one new Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb received following his trade from Philadelphia (reportedly an extension for 5 years, $64 million, with $21 million guaranteed).  Miami does not want to pay Orton that kind of money, given that he is not coming in as the starter, but as a competitor to be the starter.

As Kils says, which has been reported by many other sources as well, "There was no bluffing or waiting on the Dolphins to meet the Broncos' demand." The trade talks never "officially" reached the compensation stage for Denver sending Orton to Miami.

Orton, it seems, realizes that his choices are to stay in Denver, either as the starter or as Tim Tebow's backup, and receive his $8.8 million salary, which would allow him to become a free agent after this season, or go to Miami, take less money this year, lose the free agency opportunity next year, and hope to beat out Chad Henne.  Unless Miami suddenly ups the contract offer, it makes more sense, financially, for Orton to stay in Denver.

But, as everyone seems to believe the trade is dead, reports leak out that there still may be a slight glimmer of life.

The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero has reported that, "The Dolphins have not abandoned the possibility of getting Orton despite not really making progress in negotiations Thursday and apparently walking away from talks altogether early Friday."

Although Salguero's article seems to spend too much time reading what the Dolphins look like on only the second day of practice, he has repeatedly stated that he has heard reports that the trade isn't dead.

And, since it is only July 30, I wouldn't be surprised if this trade comes back together later this offseason.  While it may hurt Orton's chances of starting on Monday Night Football against the Patriots in Week 1, the addition of Orton any time during the off season allows MIami to have more comfort and security at the quarterback position.