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Reggie Bush Wants to be Dolphins Feature Back

Reggie Bush spent Friday introducing himself to his new teammates and watching the action on the Dolphins practice field.  With the new NFL rules, Bush is not eligible to take part  in any practices until August 4th.  But, that doesn't mean he isn't already working on his role with the team.

Bush, who leads all running backs in receptions since he came into the league, and has only carried the ball 524 times in his 5 years in New Orleans, is ready to prove to everyone he can be an every down back. 

"It's an opportunity I've wanted and envisioned as long as I've played football," the newly acquired running back said during the Dolphins' first day of training camp. "I've always wanted to be a featured back and the main guy and I feel like there's an opportunity here for that. And there's also an opportunity for me to be a leader and a contributor and help some of the young guys come along too. I've been in the league five years and I can't believe it, but I'm kind of one of the older vet guys now."

Bush, who is familiar with SunLife Stadium, having won both the BCS National Championship game with USC and Super XLIV with the Saints there, has brought an excitement to, not only the fans, but to many Dolphins players as well.  Jake Long, the Miami Dolphins' All-Pro left tackle, said, "I'm excited about him. He's a dynamic player. He can do so many different things, catch it, run it, return. Man, I'm really excited to have him on our team."

That sentiment carries up the stairs to the upper levels of the Dolphins' franchise as well.  "We all talked about having an exciting brand of football," Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said. "We're addressing one of our biggest needs that everybody criticized us for, which was speed. I think we're certainly showing that's a thing the Miami Dolphins will have plenty of."

As the Dolphins continue to develop for the 2011 season, how Reggie Bush will be utilized is a fascinating part of the Dolphins' evolution as a team.  Can Bush, who has 4,982 all-purpose yards and 33 touchdowns in his 5 years, really become a feature, every down back? Or, will he be the compliment to Dolphins rookie Daniel Thomas? Either way, the addition of Bush will help an offense that desperately needed upgrading.