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Start of Training Camp - Rookie Signings

The Dolphins have opened camp, with the first public practice at 11am today at Nova Southeastern University.  In getting ready for camp, the Dolphins have signed three of their six draft choices.

The first to sign was sixth round selection Charles Clay. Listed as a FB/TE, Clay signed a 4-year deal with Miami.

Following him, both seventh round selections signed.  Defensive tackle Frank Kearse and cornerback Jimmy Wilson are both under contract and ready to start practicing today.

The first three selections of the Dolphins' draft, first rounder Mike Pouncey, second round selection Daniel Thomas, and fourth round pick Edmond Gates, are still working on deals.  Expect to see them all sign today so they can get into camp.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins reported trade talks with Denver for quarterback Kyle Orton are said to be "on life support." The Broncos are thought to be asking for a second round draft pick, especially after the Kevin Kolb trade to Arizona, but the Dolphins aren't budging from a fourth or fifth round pick. The talks aren't dead, and more could come throughout the day, but for now, the trade is a ways off.

As all of the front office drama plays out, through signings and trades, the best part of the day is that the Dolphins are back on the field, playing football, for the 2011 season.  We're only 14 days away from preseason game #1!