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Last night, the founder of The Phinsider posted his last piece as the Managing Editor and Lead Writer, stating that it is the "end of an era." No truer words could have expressed the moment that we all here at the Phinsider have reached.  With MattyI stepping down, we really have reached the end of an era.  Matt's constant efforts built this site from nothing to one of SBNation's busiest and largest communities.

When they approached me about taking over, they repeatedly stated that simple fact.  Matt, singlehandedly, built one of their top trafficking sites.  Yet, for most of us here, the reason we are here is because it doesn't feel that way.  It feels like...well, a second home.  This is one of the first websites I check everyday.  It's a website I check multiple times a day.  Matt was always providing us with new information and ways to think about what the Dolphins were doing.  And, each and every one of you brought different view points to each debate that makes this place great.

Now, Matt's gone. 

I was honored when SBNation came to me to see if I would want the job.  But, I kind of feel like Damon Huard or Jay Fiedler - you know, the guys asked to replace Dan Marino.  Hopefully, I can keep the place afloat.

For those of you who don't know me, yet, I thought this was a great time to introduce myself to all of you.

I've been a Dolphins fan since the day I was born.  My Mom made sure of that.  I've bled teal and orange (aqua and coral) my entire life.

I am in the Army, having been deployed to Iraq twice.  During both deployments, to include during the end of the miserable 2007 season, I flew a Dolphins flag outside my room every day.

Currently, I am living in Tallahassee, with a good chance that I will be leaving there sometime in the next 6-12 months.  We'll see where the Army sends me next.

I have been here at the site since September 2008.  I was in Iraq at the time, and was trying to find a way to follow the Dolphins, since the limited TV I had wasn't getting the job done.  As I searched Google, I stumbled on to a place called "The Phinsider." After about a month of reading the blog, I finally made a login and started commenting. As I was in Mosul at the time, the name Mosul_DolFan was an obvious choice. 

Since then, I have gone on to posting random "Perspective" fan posts, to working my way through the history of the Dolphins (for those of you tracking, I know I've only made it to 1979 still...), to becoming a Contributing Author on the site.

Which brings us to today.  Now, I am charged with running the site, and keeping it at the level Matt built.  For that, I will need the help of all of you.  The more content you can post, the better this site will be.  As discussion happens, the site gains not only traffic, but continues the "family" feel of The Phinsider.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, I am currently @Mosul_DolFan - although expect that to change shortly.

Finally, I want to thank Matt for everything he has done for the site, and for me as I worked to develop myself as a blogger.  I hope I can keep the site to the standards you have set!