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Dolphins' Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland on the Hot Seat

This probably is not news to most Dolphins fans, but when a Dolphins executive all but confirms it, it is news worthy. Yesterday, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee was on ESPN 760, when he was asked about the job security for both the head coach and general manager.

"Well, I think we're all accountable to winning. This is a season that's important for all of us. Not just for Jeff and Tony, but for the franchise."

Dee continued later in the interview, "We'll let this script play out over the course of 2011 and see where we stand."

From a guy who is known for being able to positively spin just about anything, his inability to confirm the job security of Coach Sparano or GM Ireland jumps out as a dire warning.

It's time for the Dolphins to perform, or else it is going to be time for the Dolphins to blow it all up and start over...again.