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Dolphins Looking to Denver for QB Answer

As the free agency carousel made its 2011 debut, news quickly leaked out of Denver that the Broncos were, in fact, putting Kyle Orton on the trading block, effectively signaling their desire to move on to the Tim Tebow era.  Suddenly, the rumor of the Dolphins showing interest in Orton from back in May leaped back into the forefront of everyone's minds.

Could the Dolphins really nab Orton, to not only challenge incumbent starter Chad Henne, but to take over the reins of the team?

And, what would be the Broncos asking price?

Well, day one of the Orton derby came and went, with no movement.

But, rumors continue to swirl.  The Dolphins appear to be the front-runner, but Tennessee, Arizona, Minnesota, and Seattle are also thought to be in the running.  The prevailing thought at this point is the Broncos are looking for a third-round pick, with a possible escalation to a second-rounder depending on Orton's productivity and/or contract extension.

As a reminder, however, the Dolphins do not have  a strong recent history of quarterback trades. Going back to 2001, the Dolphins looked to solve the post-Marino era by trading a sixth round pick, and swapping seventh-rounders, with Chicago for Cade McNown.  Less than a year later, McNown was dealt to San Francisco, and the Dolphins looked to Washington to solve the QB dilemma, sending a seventh round pick to the Redskins for Sage Rosenfels.  In 2004, Miami shipped a second round selection to Philadelphia for A.J. Feeley. Miami continued to look for a starter in 2005, with Feeley and a sixth round choice going to San Diego for Cleo Lemon. The next year, the Dolphins turned to Minnesota and Chicago for quarterbacks, getting the Vikings' Daunte Culpepper for a second round choice, and the Lions' Joey Harrington for a fifth. A fifth round choice went to Kansas City in 2007 when the Dolphins brought in Trent Green to run the offense.

Although the history looks like the QB trade is a bad route for the Dolphins, look for Miami to be players in the sweepstakes for Orton throughout today, as the quarterback dominoes begin to fall.