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Offseason Live Thread


We have an offseason. As the chaos of this shortened version of the offseason happens, use this thread to keep up with all the rumors, negotiations, and signings.

I will be in and out today, so I will keep this as updated as possible.

Also, please remember this is not a "CKC." Discussion is fine, but try to keep it football related.

The schedule for the offseason:

Today (10 am EDT) - Teams can sign Undrafted free agents and draft picks, negotiate with veteran free agents; Trades are possible

Thursday (4:01 pm EDT)- Teams cut/waive players

Friday (6pm EDT) - Veteran free agents can officially sign

August 4 (4:01 pm EDT) - Must be under the salary cap

So far, here are the free agents who have agreed to terms or are negotiating with the Dolphins:

Brett Brackett - TE - UDFA, Penn State

Garrett Chisholm - G - UDFA, South Carolina

Pat Devlin - QB - UDFA, Deleware

Nic Grigsby - RB - UDFA, Arizona

Jonathan Freeney - DE/OLB - UDFA, Rutgers

Phillip Livas - KR - UDFA, Louisiana Tech

Jose Perez - CB - UDFA, San Diego State

Quentin Spears - OLB - UDFA, Praire View A&M

Jeff Van Camp - QB - UDFA, FAU - Unconfirmed: FAU is reporting the Dolphins have NOT talked to Van Camp.