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NFLPA Agrees to CBA - NFL Updates Offseason Timeline

The NFLPA accepted the proposed CBA on Monday, meaning this week will be a frenzy of NFL activity. With training camps expected to begin this week, along with 1600 players having to be signed across the NFL to bring rosters up to 90 players per team, things are going to be fast and furious.

Up next in the process is the NFLPA recertifying as a union, and then the players themselves approving the CBA. However, this is a formality, as the union will be recertified, and the players have never not approved a deal the executive board approved.

So, where does that put the offseason schedule?

Well, if the players agree to a new plan being put out by the NFL, everything could start today.

The proposal, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter:

  • Teams can sign their own free agents and begin talking to other teams' free agents this afternoon.
  • Teams can sign unrestricted free agents Tuesday at noon, but the contracts don't take effect until August 2.
  • Teams can talk trades today, but the trade becomes official on July 30.

Additionally, the NFL is working out a reporting schedule for the start of training camps. The league is thought to be scheduling reports in 10 team groups, with the first group showing up on Wednesday, and each group following a day later, with the New York Jets and Houston Texans making up the last, two-team group on Sunday. The idea is to give each team 14 days of camp before their first preseason game.

Now, we are in a wait and see mode - waiting for the fun to begin. As soon as the frenzy starts, it will be chaos. We will try to keep the site as updated as possible.