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Miami Dolphins Shirt Gate (aka How You Know the Lockout Has Been Too Long)

Sun Life Stadium - Home of the Dolphins. Even if there is a Jets t-shirt for sale inside.
Sun Life Stadium - Home of the Dolphins. Even if there is a Jets t-shirt for sale inside.

So, if you missed it, earlier today, Twitter, Facebook, and Email traffic about the Dolphins Pro Store in Joe Robbie/Sun Life Stadium erupted over a picture of a Jets t-shirt hanging in the store. Basically, someone in California has a picture of a Jets shirt, with all kinds of Dolphins memorabilia behind it, that was taken in the Dolphins' Pro Shop inside the stadium. He then, "diligently worked" to get that picture to none other than Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

I'll pause to give you all a moment to form your own opinions of the guy getting the photo to Armando.

So, then Armando immediately began tweeting the picture out, and, as he reports on his own blog, "broke the story on [his] radio show." It of course then spun up, mostly amongst Armando's own followers (and a lot from his own tweets). Some of the other bloggers picked it up, even reaching Pro Football Talk, as a genuine story.

Oh my goodness, not a t-shirt

Armando reported that he called the Pro Shop at Sun Life, and they confirmed that they do have the shirt, selling for $35, but was currently marked down 50% off that. And, apparently, that did not clue anyone in on what was going on here.

Somewhere along the line, other fans began calling the Pro Shop, who then denied having the shirt. This, of course, spun people up even more, as it was seen as the Dolphins hiding the fact that they are out to make money at any cost, even if selling Jets stuff in the Dolphins Pro Shop.

Eventually, common sense returned when Mike Dee, CEO of the Dolphins and Sun Life Stadium ,emailed Armando to explain the situation. Essentially, the Dolphins did a study this off season in how to get a better home field advantage in Miami. One of the main things fans requested was to stop selling opposing teams memorabilia. The Dolphins took it to heart, and told the store that they had to "a limited window to sell everything that they had in stock on a discounted basis prior to the start of the NFL season."

Mr. Dee went one to explain, "With the Mets coming to town this weekend to play the Marlins, they are attempting to move all of their old Jets merchandise this week."

And, with regard to the offending t-shirt, that has "NEW YORK" in big letters, with "Home of the Jets" written under it, a t-shirt Armando implies is calling Sun Life Stadium the home of the Jets, Mr. Dee reports, "We were unaware of this particular shirt, which I am told is a number of years old. We have requested that this particular shirt be removed immediately."

For those of you who have read my articles before, you understanding that, while I don't like the Patriots or the Bills, I loathe, despise, and hate the Jets. I try hard to not even use their team name during weeks the Dolphins are playing them. But, this was just ridiculous.

Training camps haven't even started. Sun Life is in baseball configuration. Are we really that concerned over whether or not Jets t-shirts are sold in Miami in July? The fact that the shirts were on sale for 50% off didn't make anyone think maybe they are just trying to get rid of old stuff?

Armando ended his blog post by asking, "Did we really need fan uproar, caused by my twitter feed and radio show, to help the folks at the team store finally see what is right and what is obviously wrong?" More importantly, did Armando really need to hype himself in his own blog?

Can we all acknowledge that (1) this was just dumb and (2) the lockout has gone on too long? I mean, not only did Armando, Pro Football Talk, and a whole bunch of fans get wrapped up into this, but I've now taken the time to write an entire post about it to.

Come on crazy free agency week!

And, just in case you want to head over to Armando's blog to see his full write up, click here.