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Miami Dolphins First Round Pick Mike Pouncey on ESPN Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day around the ESPN campus.  Hope Solo and Alex Morgan from the US Women's World Cup team visited.  The Atlanta Falcon's Roddy Whitewas there.  And, most importantly to Dolphinsfans, the Pouncey twins were there.

During their visit to the Scott Van Pelt Show on ESPN Radio, the Dolphins' first round draft choice, Mike, answered some questions about the lockout and the Dolphins' QB position.   In terms of the lockout, Mike told Ryen Russilo that Steeler's center Maurkice has advised him to, "go into training camp, take it seriously, and learn everything he can as fast as he can." 

He also aknowledges that he has spent the spring and summer working with Maurkice to make sure he is in the best possible shape, ready to go as soon as the Dolphins open camp.

With repsect to the Dolphins' QB position, Mike was asked who the starter would be.  He responded by saying, "I don't know, you know.  I hope it's Chad Henne, obviously, he deserves all the respect. I mean, he played for us last year.  You know, I make, I don't have any say so.  I've got to go out there and earn the same respect as any other rookie that comes in, so I have no say so in who's going to be quarterback."

Overall, it was a short interview, but Mike seems to understand his place as a rookie, and has a good understanding of what he needs to do to help the Dolphins.  He also stressed, he is the older brother, and although he is having to get advice from his one-minute younger brother, it's not strange - he's just ready to get into camp.