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Beware 2: Miami Dolphins Busts Ahead

Yesterday, we took a look at the possible breakout seasons ahead for the Dolphins.  But, there's another side to that discussion.  Of course, I mean the "busts." Not the draft busts, but the players who won't live up to expectations. 

So, we aren't talking about Pat White here, but more like Joe Berger.  Berger beat out Jake Grove (another bust) for the starting center job, but then the Dolphins discovered he had an inability to run block.  Then Berger had a knee injury and "personal issues" that led to missed playing time.  And, finally, the Dolphins spent their first round pick this offseason on Mike Pouncey, who is expected to be the Dolphins new center.

So, who could be the Dolphins' Berger for this year?

Mike Pouncey. After saying that this wasn't a look at draft busts, here's Miami's first round pick heading the list.  It's not so much that Pouncey can't play.  It's more that his brother, Maurkice, has dominated in Pittsburgh.  I expect Mike to be a solid offensive lineman for the Dolphins.  I just don't think he will live up to his brother's level, which to many fans could be seen as a bust.

Miami's Running Back. This is a power football team, even if we are hearing that new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll is going to open up the offense.  As a power football team, the running back is a key piece of that offense.  Yet, Miami is now looking at a running back stable consisting of guys totaling 4 carries between them last year (assuming neither Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown are resigned).  Not exactly screaming power.  The Dolphins did draft Daniel Thomas from Kansas State in the second round this offseason, and the team, and the fans, seem to like Lex Hilliard's potential, but without a major addition in the offseason, the running back position could be a major hole for the Dolphins.

Dan Carpenter. DC$, as we all here at the Phinsider know Carpenter, led the league in field goal attempts last year.  With a stagnant offense, his leg was needed.  But, if he goes cold at all this year - especially with the number of times he has to go out and kick - and the offense again stumbles, DC$ could prove to be a liability.

Channing Crowder. For a guy the team seems to need on the field, Crowder is not a beloved member of this team from a fan stand point.  It's hard to see what the issue with Crowder is, as the defense is better with him in.  But, he's not flashy, even if his mouth is - the stats don't support what make him valuable to the team.  This is a make or break year for Channing, as there are up and coming players behind him on the depth chart, and a normal, mediocre stat year for Crowder could spell doom for him personally.  

Chad Henne. Henne makes both lists.  Henne needs a breakout year to solidify his position with the team.  But, he could just as easily miss everything and become the bust half of the fans seem to already think he is.  It's all up to Henne now, and we just have to wait to see what happens.

So, again, what did I miss?  Who out there do you think could just blow up in the franchise's face?