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Who is currently your favorite player on the Miami Dolphins?

Last week, a friend of mine asked me what he thought was a very simple question. I'm not sure how the topic came up, but we got into who our favorite players currently are in the NFL - and in particular, on our favorite teams. Seems simple enough, right?

I immediately thought of Ronnie Brown, who has been a favorite of mine since he was selected second overall in 2005. But then I remembered that Ronnie isn't under contract. Neither is Ricky Williams, one of my other long-time favorites.

I was stumped. I had no answer. I know which Miami Dolphins I like the most. But my favorite? That changes on a day to day basis nowadays. And I have a feeling I'm not the only one who struggles to answer this most basic question.

That's why I've opened up the polls to all of you, the great Phinsider community. And the question is very straight forward.

Who is currently your favorite player on the Miami Dolphins right now? And note that the player must be under contract - meaning Ronnie, Ricky, Chad Pennington, and the rookies are all excluded from this poll.

The poll can be found after the jump.

Like I said, I'm personally having a difficult time deciding. I've narrowed my own personal list down to six players:

Davone Bess, whose story from undrafted free agent to one of the best possession receivers in the NFL has been quite remarkable. He's a hard worker, makes big plays on the field, and has been a complete class act off the field.

Jake Long, who since day one has been one of the best - if not the very best - left tackle in the league. He's been a warrior as well, playing through pain last year even after the season was essentially over. At this rate, he's a surefire Hall of Famer.

Cameron Wake, whose rise to stardom after washing out of the NFL years ago and re-establishing himself as a pass-rushing force in the CFL is another outstanding story. His performance last year was just the tip of the iceberg. And he's as humble off the field as he is dominant on it.

Karlos Dansby, who I have always liked to watch play even before his arrival in Miami last year. I love the leadership he brings to the team. I love his athleticism and I think the best is till yet to come from Karlos as a Dolphin.

Vontae Davis, who has proven that those "character concerns" surrounding him when he was coming out of Illinois were way overblown. Vontae has been nothing short of a class act off the field. More importantly, he's shown signs on the field that he can be that outstanding cornerback that he was drafted to be.

Sean Smith, who many of you know I've been a fan of even before the Dolphins drafted him. He might just be the "Patrick Surtain" to Vontae's "Sam Madison." His combination of size and speed is uncommon.

So one of those six would probably be my favorite current Dolphin. But the man at the top of the list changes quite often.

What I'm more interested in, though, is who Phinsider nation votes as the most popular Miami Dolphin.