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Brandon Marshall "in good spirits" and training hard to regain his 4.4 speed

Ever since Brandon Marshall was stabbed by his wife in their home back in April, he's seemingly has fallen off of the face of the earth. Well, except for when the police were again called to his home when Brandon's wife violated the restraining order and was arrested for a second time.

Since the stabbing, Marshall's Twitter feed has gone silent and his uStream channel has gone offline for good. But this evening, Omar Kelly received some info on the Miami Dolphins' "alpha receiver" from his trainer at FitSpeed, Inc - where Marshall has been training very hard this offseason despite all the turmoil (and the knife in his gut).

Marshall's top priority entering this offseason was to regain his 2006 Scouting Combine 4.4 speed. Apparently, Marshall has achieved that goal. According to Brandon's trainer, Marshall is "consistently running a sub 4.5 40 time." Even more impressive, Marshall is now maxing out at 22.5 mph on the high-speed treadmill - which is three miles per hour faster than his max in 2006 on a treadmill during his Combine training.

For proof, Marshall's trainer passed along this video to Omar of Brandon running on the high-speed treadmill - which you can view right here.

Perhaps more importantly is the little note passed along that Marshall "is in good spirits," which is more than you'd be able to say about me just two months after being stabbed by a loved one. Now we just need Marshall to get involved with those practices being organized by Chad Henne and Jake Long.