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Weekend Debate: Which veteran quarterback would you want in Miami?

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Noe that the NFL Draft has come and gone and the Miami Dolphins chose not to select a quarterback, we can safely assume that the Dolphins will look to bring in a veteran to compete with Chad Henne for the starting quarterback job. While we don't know for sure which quarterbacks will be available through a trade, we can safely assume that there will be at least a couple - to go along with the numerous free agents that will be available.

So this weekend's poll question is simple. Which of the possibly available veteran quarterbacks would you most want to see the Dolphins bring to Miami?

Keep in mind that I'm not simply asking which one you think is the best. There's a lot to consider. You have to consider the offense Brian Daboll will run and whether or no the quarterback fits the system. You have to consider the money that the team will have to spend. And you have to consider what compensation the Dolphins would have to surrender for the player if you want the team to go the trade route rather than the free agency route.

I'll have my thoughts on the subject over the course of the next few weeks. For now, I want to take the temperature of Dolphins Nation.

The poll is after the jump...