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Remember when...the Miami Dolphins drafted John Beck?

Remember When: A look back at Miami Dolphins history through the eyes of The Phinsider

April 28, 2007.

That date was quite a day in Miami Dolphins history. The duo of Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller made four selections in the NFL Draft's first three rounds that fateful afternoon and evening. Four years later, not one of those players succeeded in Miami. And not one of those players are still a part of this organization. In fact, it took only three seasons to be wiped completely clean of the four players selected that day.

The top story that day, of course, was the Dolphins' decision to pass on Brady Quinn with the ninth overall pick, selecting Ted Ginn, and then draft quarterback John Beck in round two. As it turns out, it really didn't matter - as both quarterbacks have struggled to succeed in the NFL.

Dolphins fans were obviously highly critical (and that's the politically correct way of putting it, I guess) of the team's decision to pass on Quinn. But it didn't take long for all of us to grab a seat on the John Beck bandwagon.

I, of course, was one of the leaders of that caravan. In one of my favorite pieces I ever wrote for this site, I tried to put together an objective overall view of John Beck. Being the obvious homer I am, though, I titled the post, "John Beck: Our Franchise QB."

"Luck was shining on the Dolphins," I wrote regarding the fact that no other selected John before the Dolphins picked again at number 40. Then I closed my piece by declaring that "something tells me that Cameron and Mueller found a special player who is going to give us Dolphin fans something to cheer about for a long time."

Oops. I guess I was wrong.

But I wasn't the only one.

One of our most respected long-time Phinsider community members wrote the following:

Tough, Composed, Accurate, Leader.

Weis said he sees alot of Tom Brady in Brady Quinn. He must had been talking about when he looks at the name.

I see more of Brady in Beck than I do Quinn.

Another member commented:

Now, this kid really seems to be what we are looking for. When they announced Ginn at number 9, I saw my world crumble around me. I will admit that much. Looking back now, I call myself a fool for even falling that much into the hype. I really love this kid Beck and KNOW he will do great things here after all I read and this article. I never saw that interview before and reading it brings tears to my eyes. GO PHINS!

A couple of other noteworthy comments from that post include one person saying "Beck is impressive" while another added, "the more I read and see of Beck, the more excited I get."

Just another painful memory for Dolphins fans around the world and more proof that we really don't have any idea how these draft picks will turn out until they put on the pads and hit the field in this league.