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Dolphins 2011 NFL Draft Class: Favorite, Least Favorite Picks?

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As with any draft class, there are bound to be selections made that fans both like and dislike. This year is no different. So the two questions I pose to all of you is simple. Which pick made by the Dolphins this past weekend was your favorite? And which pick was your least favorite (or, at least, the one you feel was the most questionable)?

Favorite Pick: Edmond Gates, WR, 4th Round. This Miami offense is desperate for an injection of speed and Gates brings elite speed to round out what should be a very good receiving corps. He's not going to be a polished route runner right away, of course. But with his speed, he really only needs to run two routes or three routes - the deep post, the nine, and the screen. The rest will come to him as he develops. But his impact on the offense right off the bat will be those three routes. And he brings an element that opposing defenses haven't had to worry about since the departure of a former first round receiver not to be named.

Least Favorite Pick: Daniel Thomas, RB, 2nd Round. You all probably thought I'd say Mike Pouncey as my least favorite pick, right? But I see the Thomas selection as a more "questionable" decision than the Pouncey simply because I don't see how Thomas is an upgrade over what the team has had the past couple of years. He's nearly identical in size to Ronnie Brown (6'0, 230). He doesn't possess great speed. He doesn't run with as much power as you'd like to see a 230 pound back run with. And he may have ball security issues, though I haven't actually seen video of the 11 fumbles during his two seasons at Kansas State. It was a risky pick that I hope pays off.

But now I open the floor up to all of you. Which picks were your favorite and least favorite of the 2011 draft?

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