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Miami Dolphins Mid-Week Notes: Brandon Marshall expected to join workouts

Ever since the "incident" at his home on April 22 that sent him to the hospital with stab wounds to his abdomen, Brandon Marshall has essentially been a ghost. His once very active Twitter account has gone quiet. His new uStream channel has gone black. He's basically fallen out of the public eye. And he hasn't even been able to participate in the player-only workouts that Chad Henne and Jake Long have been organizing.

But it's looking like things will start getting back to normal sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday, Jeff Darlington tweeted that "Marshall has healed without issue" and "if all goes as planned, he'll join teammates in player-only workouts very soon." The Palm Beach Post then corroborated Darlington's tweet by pointing out that Henne said on WQAM he expects Marshall to join the workouts. Channing Crowder also told the Post that he planned on watching last night's Miami Heat game with Marshall, verifying that Brandon is back in South Florida.

"He's fine," Crowder stated. "He was playing basketball the next day, if that tells you anything."

On the legal front, this situation continues to drag on mainly because of Marshall's unwillingness to cooperate with the Broward State Attorney's office.

"Despite numerous efforts, we so far have been unable to get Mr. Marshall to agree to voluntarily speak to our office about the incident," the state attorney's office released in a statement. "We continue to diligently pursue this matter."

Marshall's agent, meanwhile, explained why Marshall hasn't cooperated with authorities.

"Brandon didn't ask for the no contact order, has never felt threatened by his wife, and misses her," Harvey Steinberg told the Sun-Sentinel. "When they drop the no contact order he'll be more than willing to sit down and discuss this matter, bringing some clarity to this unfortunate misunderstanding."

Brandon is obviously going through some tough times in his personal life. A friend of his reportedly told the Palm Beach Post that while Marshall is fully recovered physically from the stab wounds, he is "doing a lot of soul searching."

Perhaps the best thing for him will be to get back together with his teammates and take part in some on-field workouts, bringing back some normalcy into his life.

Crowder's thoughts on the lockout

Channing Crowder is the clown of the team and might just be one of the funniest players in the league. But every once in a while, he can talk serious. That's what he did during a player-only workout at FAU that created some strange bedfellows. Strange as in Dolphins and Jets working out on the same field...together.

Crowder was one of those players, along with rookie Daniel Thomas and free agent Patrick Cobbs. Joining them were Bart Scott and Vlad Ducasse of the Jets, among others. I couldn't help but think how this is the ultimate sign of the strange times that the football world is in right now because of the lockout.

But what kind of impact is this lockout going to have once football finally does resume?

"There’s going to be more injuries, it’s going to be real simple football. It’s going to mess up the integrity of the game because we’re used to having those OTA’s, minicamps, off-season workouts," Crowder told the media gathered to watch the session. "It’s hurting the NFL now and as long as the owners won’t let us go to work it’s going to continue to hurt the game we love."

Can't argue that logic.