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Remember when...the Miami Dolphins hired Cam Cameron?


In this terrible lull brought on by a lockout induced offseason coma, we need to find ways to pass the time. One idea I came up with was to go back into the Phinsider archives and dig up some entertaining (and painful) memories of years past. So I present to you all the first installment of "Remember When: A look back at Miami Dolphins history through the eyes of The Phinsider."

Yes, this is going to be interesting. And more often than not, I'm going to be the guy who looks bad. But it's all in fun - so what the hell.

Some of you might not realize this community has been around since late 2006. The first notable piece of news I got to discuss here was Nick Saban's departure and the impending search for a head coach. Wayne Huizenga went coast to coast, looking far and wide for the right man for the job.

Just one day after the Saban departure became official, I put together a list of several head coaching candidates - a list that spanned both the collegiate and NFL level. There were some interesting names on that list. But the guy I was pushing for was San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. "This is a guy I'd love to see Miami bring in," I wrote.

[Interesting side note. Later that day, I wrote a piece about a report claiming the Dolphins wanted to go "high profile" with their next hire. One of these sources, PFT, published a rumor that speculated Bill Parcells could be Huizenga's target to be the new head coach. My response? Rather ironic after several years. I made it clear that I did not want Parcells anywhere near this franchise. I said he "hasn't achieved anything outside of his work in New York with the Giants" and he "might be the most overrated head coach of all time." Funny how that turned out when he took over the football operations just a year later.]

Also in that piece I referenced above, I again declared my feelings towards Cam Cameron, naming him as my "top choice" to be the next head coach of the Dolphins. One of the reasons I like him so much? I believed "he'd be good for Ronnie Brown."

At least I got one thing right, as Ronnie was leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage before tearing his ACL making a f***ing tackle.

About two weeks later, the Dolphins finally ended their search and hired Cam Cameron as their next head coach. I, of course, rejoiced - not knowing what would lie ahead. I wrote that I was "100% sure about is that this is the right signing for this team."

I wasn't the only one, though, who liked this hiring at the time. Most polls had Cameron listed as one of the top two or three guys fans wanted to see Huizenga hire. And one unnamed member of our community wrote as a comment to one of my posts:

This is a fantastic move considering the coaching prospects that were available. I'll be honest, I was kind of worried that Huizenga was going to go with the "safe" pick and take Gailey. I don't know if Cameron will be the dude or not, but he has the best chance. As others have said, with Capers running the defense and Cameron running the offense, you have two fantastic minds. If we can have a good draft (which would be a freaking miracle) I could see us being a solid 9-7 or 10-6 team next year.

A day later, I put a bow on the Cam Cameron hiring by writing that Cam was an "excellent choice" and closed the piece by stating that "we can rejoice in the fact that this franchise made a wise move."

Yikes! I'm not sure I have ever been more incorrect about something in my life.

But we'll try hard to find out - as our new series rolls on.