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The Friday Five: Mike Sims-Walker "would love" to play for Dolphins

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In the dullest of dull periods that the NFL will ever see, one story this week probably got more attention than it deserves. I'm referring to something wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker told a Jacksonville reporter about his impending free agency.

That's where this week's "five" will kick off:

1. Sims-Walker wants to play for Dolphins. That's now a fact. It was rumored for a while and now we have it straight from Mike's mouth. "We would love that," Sims-Walker told the Florida Times-Union, referring to a possible reunion with friend (and Dolphins WR) Brandon Marshall. "Me and him, our relationship on the field and off the field. We make each other better. We compete with each other so much that we're going to bring the best out of each other every single minute. That will be the best thing for the whole team."

Of course, the feeling would have to be reciprocated by the Dolphins in order for this to ever happen. And though we likely won't know for sure what level of interest - if any - that Jeff Ireland has in Sims-Walker until the lockout is over, I would be surprised to see the Dolphins pursue the free agent receiver once free agency begins. This is for a number of reasons.

Sims-Walker can be a little bit of a prima donna at times and he's really only had one good season in his career. He also would require a relatively large contract. With the Dolphins having far more pressing needs than another receiver, it's hard to justify handing MSW any large sum of money.

More importantly, though, I just see more bad than good that could come from reuniting friends Sims-Walker and Brandon Marshall. I see that situation as far too volatile for this regime. I made this point on Twitter yesterday but I'll say it here as well. Ever meet up with old college buddies for a weekend? Now multiply your own personal crazy stories by money, fame, and football - and mix in a little South Beach. That's why a Marshall/Sims-Walker duo in Miami just doesn't seem like a good idea.

2. Though the Dolphins are going to add a running back in free agency, do not count out somebody already on the roster from making an impact in 2011. Everybody seems to have forgotten about Kory Sheets. While fans may have forgotten him, though, Sheets believes he can be the guy that this offense is lacking. He even thinks he can win the starting job.

"I plan on being the main guy, picking up where Ronnie and Ricky left off," Sheets told the Sun-Sentinel. "I'm going to bring everything that Ronnie and Ricky brought as a tandem all in one. I'm not as strong upper body wise as Ronnie and Ricky were, but I'm a lot stronger in the legs, and I'm also faster. I'm going to bring everything they [brought], with speed."

3. "I want to be in Miami." That's the quote Chad Henne gave a local Michigan paper last week. More importantly, though, we learned from this article that Henne was able to legally meet with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll when the lockout was temporarily lifted during the early part of the NFL Draft. Henne also talks about being a leader. Now let's see if he carries himself like one once the team is allowed to get back together.

4. DeMaurice Smith is making me yearn for the days of Gene Upshaw. Seriously. If you're wondering why, read this recap of Smith's bizarre commencement speech at the University of Maryland. If I'm one of the players suffering from this lockout, I am having a hard time supporting this clown as my leader in this fight. The more I hear the man talk, the more I wonder how the hell this man actually earned the role he has as leader of the NFLPA.

5. This lockout needs to end soon. Otherwise we're going to be subjected to "in-depth analysis" from the "worldwide leader" like this one - a power ranking of NFL team helmets. Wow. If this lockout doesn't end in a hurry, we'll have to read some quality expert analysis like this quote from ESPN's James Walker.

"Most helmets have a mascot or the team’s name or initials, but Pittsburgh’s helmet actually has in-depth meaning," Walker said. "The colors of the diamond shapes each represent elements of steel."