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Video Time: Miami Dolphins 2011 NFL Draft Class

The 2011 NFL Draft is now in the books. The Dolphins were very active the past three days and really did a nice job of addressing some of their obvious needs.

We'll have plenty of time to digest and dissect this draft. But if you're like me, you need a break. Three days and over 15+ hours of draft analysis, debate, and discussion has me worn out. So rather than sit here and break down the draft and how I feel the Dolphins did (and I'll say they did quite well), let's just take a look at the Dolphins 2011 draft class in video format.

All of the videos are below...

First up is first round pick Mike Pouncey, who is #55 in this video made by the guys at Universal Draft. It shows him going up against Alabama:

Second round pick Daniel Thomas was a guy this front office really liked. They moved up to get him - and actually kind of robbed the Redskins in the process in terms of the draft value chart:

Fourth round pick Edmond Gates was one of my favorite players in this draft and I'm thrilled to have him in Miami. He brings serious, legitimate SPEED to Miami. And he's not just a deep threat. He'll get involved as a return man as well as a guy who will see some screen passes thrown his way, which will benefit from the solid blocking of receivers Brandon Marshall and Brian Hartline.

Tulsa's Charles Clay was the Dolphins sixth round pick, trading up five spots to get him. He's a versatile player who can impact games in a number of ways. I'll be interested to see how Brian Daboll plans to use the kid: