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NFL Draft Video Time: Tight Ends

It would be early in the draft, but the Miami Dolphins are going to draft a tight end at some point. This I believe to be true. The team has an obvious need for a pass-catching, seam tight end who can stretch the middle of the field - a la David Martin in 2008.

And it's my hope that one of these three tight ends whose highlights are below end up in Miami come draft weekend.

All three are pass-catching tight ends with athleticism and tons of upside. And all three will be available from the third round on.

As usual, the videos are below...

First up is Arkansas' D.J. Williams, who is clearly on the Dolphins radar if you believe the media reports:

Next up is Nevada's Virgil Green:

And finally, I present sleeper tight end Julius Thomas of Portland State - a guy who is climbing up draft boards:

All three of these guys will be included on my "mancrush list" that is being finalized over the next two weeks and that will feature a dozen players. That list will be published during the week leading up to the draft. So start thinking about who you all will include on your lists - as I want to see who everybody's draft "mancrushes" are.

Have a great weekend, everyone!