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Miami Dolphins Draft Scenario #3: Trade up into top ten

Last week we began this series by highlighting the simplest Miami Dolphins draft scenario - making a pick at 15. Earlier this week, the second part of this series focused on what I think is the most likely scenario on draft night - trading down from pick 15 to reacquire a second round pick.

Today we conclude this series by talking about the final (and much bolder) option that the Dolphins have - trading up into the top ten to land a player they covet.

Trade up from pick 15 into the top ten

This would go against everything that this regime is known for. GM Jeff Ireland, like most GMs, values draft picks. He is not quick to surrender their own draft picks for one particular player. The Dolphins seem to believe in the "quantity over quality" theory that many NFL teams believe. After all, two good players probably benefits a team more tthan one great player.

With that said, Ireland and the Dolphins made a very un-Dolphin like move last year by surrendering two second round picks to acquire a superstar receiver (yes, Brandon Marshall is a superstar...and he will prove that this season). Might they be considering another surprising move? For the right player, they might be.

It's also worth noting that respected draft analyst Tony Pauline recently wrote that the Cowboys could very well be shopping the ninth overall pick.

"Dallas then plans to shop the 9th pick and trade down to grab their right tackle," writes Pauline. "Sources have told us their is already a plan in place with a team that holds a mid-first round pick if either Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton are still on the board when Dallas is called to the clock."

The Dolphins have a need at quarterback. They have a "mid-first round pick," too. Oh - and the Dallas-Miami pipeline is well documented. I'm just saying...

The possibilities

If the Dolphins were going to actually do this, there are really just four players I could see the team targeting. The two obvious guys would be Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton. In my perfect world, the Panthers take Newton first overall and Gabbert falls to nine, where the Dolphins jump up and take him.

The Dolphins could also covet receivers A.J. Green or Julio Jones. Jones would be a better fit as the missing piece in Miami's receiving corps than Green because of his deep speed. Green is more "Brandon Marshall-esque" and wouldn't be as great of a complement. But I'd be thrilled with either, to be honest.

Other implications

The ramifications of a trade up are obvious - fewer draft picks to fill the team's remaining holes. The cost to go from 15 to 9, for example, would likely be Miami's third round pick, plus a late-round throw-on. To move even higher, you'd have to assume it would cost Miami's third in 2011 plus future picks. For a team that already lacks a second rounder, that's quite a risk.

But for the right guy, might it be worth what it would cost?