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**2011 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins select Edmond Gates with their 4th round pick**

Mock_draft_logo_medium Miami_dolphins_medium
Rd. # Player Pos. College
4 111 Edmond Gates
Abilene Christian

With their fourth round pick, the Miami Dolphins have selected WR Edmond Gates.

Gates is a pure speed receiver. He's a shade under 6'0 tall and runs a legit 4.3 40. As Mike Mayock said on NFL Network moments ago, "This is a guy who takes the lid off the zone."

Here's what Tony Pauline says about Gates:

Positive: Blazing field stretcher at the receiver position with home run speed. Quickly gets off the line, immediately gets a top speed, and easily runs away from defenders in the open field. Shows great acceleration and can turn it on in a single step. Extends to make the reception away from his frame. Runs well laterally, effectively tracks the ball, and adjusts to make the catch. Makes big plays if given just a small amount of open space on the field. Tough to tackle running after the reception and shows strength. Consistently has opponents playing back on their heels.

Negative: Vertical receiver that was rarely asked to run precise routes in college. Rounds off breaks and shows little sharpness. Slowed down during position drills at the combine when he was asked to run a variety of NFL-type patterns.

Gates can also contribute as a return man and even said as much during his first conference call moments ago with Miami media.

This is an exceptional pick, people. Gates has a chance to make a Mike Wallace type of impact in year one. And adds this about Gates:

"I see him as a top 75 prospect who can contribute as a #2 or #3 receiver as a rookie and become a solid starter in the NFL who might even become a Pro Bowler eventually." That's not too shabby for pick #111.

Excellent pick!