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2011 NFL Draft: Rumors and names to keep an eye on as Dolphins prepare for day two

Now that we've had almost 24 hours to digest the Mike Pouncey pick, it's time to move forward and discuss rounds teo and three. The Dolphins have found their center. And yes, he's going to play center - not guard. In fact, interesting nugget courtesy of the Miami Herald: the Dolphins privately are comparing Pouncey to former Dolphin and Hall of Fame center Dwight Stephenson.

I hope they are right.

Getting back to this evening's event, the Dolphins will have some decisions to make. There are a number of guys who they could be targeting. But as we all know, the Dolphins no not pick until the 79th overall pick in the middle of round three - which could make it difficult to land any of the players the Dolphins might have currently rated at the top of their draft board.

Enter the rumors.

A number of sources, including NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, are claiming that the Dolphins are working hard to get back into the second round. For who? The popular theory is that the Dolphins have taken a big liking to Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick. La Canfora even reported that the Dolphins considered taking Kaepernick with the 15th overall pick last night.

The cost for the Dolphins to get back into round two would likely be expensive. We're talking possibly a future first round pick to get into the top half of round two. That would be far too rich for my blood for any position other than quarterback. That's the only position I could accept trading a future first round pick for. A tight end? A running back? Not worth it.

So with that said, here are some names to keep an eye on during rounds two and three tonight:

Quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Mallett - Would probably require a move up into at least the middle of round two, though Mallett could continue to fall due to those character issues. You have to imagine there might be a point where the Dolphins get enticed to move up (maybe into the 50-60 area) if Mallett's slide continues.

Running backs Ryan Williams, Daniel Thomas, Mikel Leshoure, Kendall Hunter, Taiwan Jones, and DeMarco Murray - We know the Dolphins are going to take running backs at some point. They are believed to be very high on Williams and Thomas. I personally like Leshoure more. Jones is a wildcard. He should be a fourth round pick but will be over-drafted because of his truly elite speed. The Dolphins, though, do need speed. I'm just saying.

Wide receivers Titus Young, Randall Cobb, Torrey Smith, and Edmond Gates - We know this team needs to add outside speed to the receiving corps. All four of these guys could go between rounds 2 and 4. And all four have that necessary speed.

Tight ends Kyle Rudolph, D.J. Williams, and Virgil Green - Rudolph is the only one guaranteed to go at some point tonight. And the Dolphins would probably have to move up to get him - which I can't say I'm in favor of. Giving up picks for a tight end? No thanks. Williams and Green will probably go either in round three tonight or, more likely, in round four tomorrow. But if the Dolphins want either one, they might have to burn pick 79 on him.

Pass rushers Jabaal Sheard, Bruce Carter, Dontay Moch, and Chris Carter - All of these guys would fit in well at outside linebacker in Miami's 3-4 defense and provide the much-needed pass-rushing threat opposite Cameron Wake.