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**2011 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins select Daniel Thomas with the 62nd overall pick**

Mock_draft_logo_medium Miami_dolphins_medium
Rd. # Player Pos. College
2 62 Daniel Thomas
Kansas St.

The Dolphins have traded with the Redskins to move back into the second round. And with the 62nd pick, the Miami Dolphins have selected running back Daniel Thomas.

Thomas, at 6'0, 230 pounds, is a big, strong back. He's a versatile back who can do a lot. But he's not a home run hitter. He doesn't have great top end speed.

Here's what Tony Pauline says about Thomas:

Positive: Strong, downhill runner who is best between the tackles. Displays good vision, is patient, and finds the opening in the offensive line. Runs north/south, keeps his feet driving up the field, and aggressively drives his shoulders into defenders. Quickly readjusts off the initial hit, immediately gets back to playing form, and falls forward when tackled. Picks up a lot of yardage off initial contact. Works his way on the inside and will pick and choose his spots. Displays solid running vision. Flashes the ability to quickly get around tackle.

Negative: Displays minimal burst and speed. Runs with an upright style. Has struggled with hamstring problems throughout the off-season.

Analysis: Thomas made a major impact when he arrived at Kansas State two years ago and has been one of the better ball carriers in the Big 12 ever since. He possesses the size and strength to be a feature runner in the NFL but must really improve the details of his game and show durability to be a consistent threat.

To move up from pick 79 to 62, the Dolphins had to give up their 5th round pick (146th) and a seventh round pick (217th) - leaving the Dolphins with just a 4th round pick, 6th round pick, and two seventh round picks.