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2011 NFL Draft: Expect an unpredictable draft with a number of trades

Because of the current labor situation in the NFL and the fact that the trading of players is still prohibited, many people thought that the 2011 NFL Draft would actually be less active than in years past. The idea was that because teams couldn't package players with picks, it would be more difficult for teams to come to terms on a deal to move around in the draft.

But I guess that theory was incorrect.

On NFL Network a few moments ago, Mike Mayock shared with us some cold, hard truth. There will be trades tonight - possibly quite a few.

"I was on the phone all morning," said Mayock. "And I know of at least four different trades that I've confirmed at the highest level that are going to happen contingent upon a certain player being available at a certain point."

Mayock believes there are two reasons for this. The obvious reason is that because free agency has been delayed, teams have more needs that now need to be addressed than in years past when the draft came after free agency. The other reason, says Mayock, is that this draft is just not that good - particularly at a number of positions. So if you're a team with a glaring need at a particular position, you might be willing to part with multiple picks to secure a top talent at that position.

"Teams more than ever are looking to either move up and go get a player - even in the top ten, which has been taboo because of dollars up until recently," Mayock added. "Or they are looking to get completely out of a round and trade down."

So do any of these four confirmed trades involve the Dolphins? We're getting closer to finding out.