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2011 NFL Draft: Hot rumors making waves as draft nears

There are a number of rumors making rounds this afternoon as the NFL Draft nears. Obviously it's important to note that this is the very height of the "misinformation season" as teams try to jostle their way up or down in the first round. So take all of these rumors will the proverbial grain of salt.

  • I'm hearing that the possibility of the Miami Dolphins drafting a quarterback in round one is contingent upon being able to trade down from the 15th overall pick and add a second rounder or an additional third rounder. No trade down, then no quarterback - or, at least, that's what they want us to think.
  • Chris Mortensen says the Patriots are talking with the Cowboys about moving up to pick nine, targeting Cal DE Cameron Jordan. The Pats have the ammo to pull it off, too.
  • Armando Salguero confirms what we've been hearing from other sources - that TE Kyle Rudolph is on Miami's board and a possibility at pick 15. And like I said on Twitter, if that happens, I will not be a happy guy.
  • Everybody is talking about how QB Andy Dalton is rising quickly. But multiple people, including Incarcerated Bob, are talking about how Colin Kaepernick is also quickly rising up boards as teams try to get in position to land him. Bob says Dolphins, Patriots, and Vikings all are high on Kaepernick. Of course, Bob also "reported" that Tony Sparano was fired a few months ago. And how did that work out?
  • Jay Glazer said this afternoon on NFLN that it's unlikely the Dolphins, Seahawks, or Vikings will draft Ryan Mallett, citing those "character concerns" that have shadowed Mallett all offseason.
  • There's a belief that Gabe Carimi has leapfrogged Mike Pouncey in the minds of the NY Giants. So maybe the Dolphins could trade down and still land the Florida lineman after all.