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**2011 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins select Mike Pouncey with the 15th overall pick**

Mock_draft_logo_medium Miami_dolphins_medium
Rd. # Player Pos. College
1 15 Mike Pouncey

After months of speculation and debate, the Miami Dolphins have selected Mike Pouncey with their first round pick. I'm a bit surprised the Dolphins could not find a trade partner to move down. For a team that needs some help creating big plays, I don't know that reaching - and this was a reach - for an interior lineman was the best choice.

Hopefully this front office knows more than me.

Here's what Tony Pauline writes about Pouncey:

Positive: Tough, powerful interior blocker best in a small area. Explosive in all his actions, quickly gets his hands into defenders then removes them from the action. Keeps his feet moving, keeps his head on a swivel, and plays with a nasty attitude. Flashes the ability to adjust and easily knocks defenders from their angle of attack. Stays square, bends his knees, and controls opponents once engaged at the point of attack.

Negative: Struggled with snaps for most of last season when he played center. Ineffective in motion and not light on his feet. Lacks balance off the line of scrimmage.

We'll have more on this pick as the night unfolds.